Are You Busy or Productive?…

Are you living a productive life or are you just busy?

Most of us have settled into this new year and are busy getting on with our goals, dreams or just enjoying each day as it comes. For some, the year may not have started as expected, but I want to encourage us all today to be more productive than busy! One of my goals for 2018 is to not settle for busy, filling up my days with a number of activities, but to fill my days with more productivity. Not to say that I won’t have my lazy days, but the aim is to have more productive days whilst also enjoying. Last year I was the definition of ‘always busy’, every weekend packed with something, but during my end of year reflection I realised I wasn’t as productive as I could have been. I found that many of us are just busy. So I want to inspire you with a few ways that you can be more productive and efficient this year & beyond!

Ways to Be More Productive!

  • Give yourself rest days – Yes, you heard me right, give yourself a break. Busy people never take a break, they must always be doing something. However, productive people understand that taking breaks are essential and help to increase their productivity when in work mode. Rather than over-working yourself, get a good nights sleep & take days out to RELAX & REFRESH!


  • Say No to procrastination – We all have those days where we just procrastinate and end up delaying things we know we need to get done. Now, the one-off moments of procrastination may be okay, but everyday procrastination is a definite ‘no no’ if you want to be productive. Procrastination may result in delay or even lost opportunities. So, whenever you find yourself sliding into procrastination mode, snap right out of it and deal with the task at hand.


  • Say Bye to laziness – Now, as I mentioned above rest days are very important. But have you ever seen a lazy person who literally does not want to do anything, but wants to enjoy the results of a hard-working person. I’m sure we can all think of one person. If you want to be productive, you cannot be lazy, it’s like an oxymoron. Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap – Galatians 6: 7. 


  • Learn to say No – It is okay to say No! I used to think that the word No was bad, but then I found myself saying yes to everything, over-committing and not being able to do half of the things I promised that I would do. Now, this led to me questioning my integrity (another topic for another day friends🙂). If you know that saying Yes to a certain task is going to be unproductive or a waste of your time, then please know it is okay to say No (A few exceptions of course – please don’t go and say No to people in authority – I am definitely not encouraging you to do that!)


  • Mind Your Business and work in silence – Yes, mind your business!!! Productive people are too focussed on being effective and efficient, that they do not have time to be in everyone’s business, gossiping about what does not concern them. This does not mean you should not care about others and be involved with the affairs of those close to you, but don’t be a busybody, trying to know what everyone else is up to. And whilst you are minding your business, work hard in silence. As the saying goes ‘Empty barrels make the most noise’. Aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your hands – 1 Thessalonians 4:11. 



Final word of encouragement… 😀

I hope this post has motivated someone to be more productive this year! Don’t try and achieve all of your goals at once or you will find at the end of the year you have not reached even half of the goals that you set. Be realistic with your goals & timescales, Prioritise and create time to achieve them individually, not all at once. And, remember to put all of your plans and goals before the Lord! (Commit your works unto the Lord and your thoughts will be established – Proverbs 16:3). Don’t just go and do, pray and be led & believe me you will have a more productive year. So, lets go guys and have a productive 2018. What are some of the ways you remain productive?

With Love

Maz ❤💋


4 thoughts on “Are You Busy or Productive?…

  1. One of the ways I’ve remain productive is to have check points with my goals deadline and also to have a summary of what has gone well, what I can improve on and what I need to stop doing and this works especially well if you have someone to hold you accountable to your goals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely add this to my list to help me remain productive this year! I really love the accountability part too, it can be hard doing it alone at times. Thank you so much for reading! God bless Xx 😗💋


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