MOTHERHOOD (Guest blog post – Mummy & Abi)

MOTHERHOOD  (Guest blog post – Mummy & Abi)

This blog post is written by Bose, a mother, business woman and Youtuber amongst other things. Bose started her YouTube channel this year, called 'Mummy and Abi' which carries us along on her journey of motherhood. This post is for all, be it mothers or future mothers. MOTHERHOOD IS A GIFT FROM GOD The reason [...]


Love & Relationship series ~ #SelfLove πŸ’•

Love & Relationship series ~ #SelfLove πŸ’•

So many people want to be in a relationship where they are truly loved by someone else but they don't even love themselves! My first blog post in this month's Do Better Everyday Love & Relationship series is on self-love. I feel that so many people focus on loving others or strongly desire the love [...]