Do Better Everyday is not just a blog, but it is a lifestyle. It is a way to encourage, inspire and impact the lives of many for the glory of God!


See below for the testimonies flowing out of the Do Better Everyday blog!


💫* Maria has been a friend of mine for many years and I can truly say her blog is a true reflection of who she is. She truly cares about people and their emotional state, hence the reason she started this blog “Do Better Everyday” to encourage, build and help both young women and men grow in a Godly way.

Reading Maria’s blog posts strongly helps me to believe that we are not alone in our “everyday” struggles such as relationship, financial and spiritual struggles. She’s taken a bold step to use her lifestyle as a form of example to show that we are not alone in our struggles and in our imperfections.

Do Better Everyday has encouraged me to have more faith, have the right friends who I can consult in times of need and encourages me to seek wisdom every day (Sam – 09/05/2018)

💫* You’ve driven #purpose into my head with your blogs (Anonymous – 23/04/2018)

  1. 💫* You write beautifully! I don’t really read blogs but I took my time to process this and I must say it is good! (Anonymous – 30/12/2017 – 5 Things I learned in 2017)

💫* Anyone who dedicates their time to read and understand can find strength and hope where there is none (Kay – 14/12/2017)

💫* Amazing and encouraging read. I’m going to share with someone I know who is going through a suicidal period and severe depression. It is very encouraging and I hope it touches her ( Anonymous – 27/11/2017 – Help through the storm)


If you would like to write a testimonial of how you have been impacted from any of the #DBE blog posts, please send an email to: dbe.enquiries@gmail.com.

God bless  xxx